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About the Mandolin Conservatory

"What sounds like a small choir of mandolins playing bass lines, chordal accompaniment, and tremolo melodies is in fact nothing except Evan Marshall all by himself.

Which would not mean much in this Age of the Overdub except for one astounding fact: Marshall plays all this music live, at once, on one mandolin, with no overdubs at all.

That's four tiny pairs of strings and one flatpick, plus a stray finger or ten."

Evan is an incredible mandolinist and composer, but also a natural-born teacher.   With this site he generously shares his unique duo-style solo mandolin techniques.  Though he specializes in classical and bluegrass music, Evan is a gifted teacher in most all acoustic styles of music; nurturing technique, talent and appreciation in his students.

He is an instructor held in high regard at mandolin-specific events such as: Mandolin Symposium, Classical Mandolin Society of America,  and many more.

To inquire about original sheet music editions or online/webcam mandolin lessons, write to

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Evan J. Marshall

Private Instruction
Evan is available for private instruction, in person in Los Angeles, and also via webcam/videoconference.


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